Animal Welfare Society
a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization.

ways to give...

Thank you for considering a gift to Animal Welfare Society, Inc. (AWS). Financial support from generous donors like you is critical to continue our programs of rescue, care, and placement of the roughly 500 pets saved each year. 

Your gift today will provide urgent care to homeless and abandoned pets right now, when they need it most. With your support, Animal Welfare Society, Inc. can rescue animals and help them recover and thrive, while they patiently await adoption into their loving and permanent homes. 

One-time gifts are appreciated and welcome, and recurring gifts make what we do all the more possible by sustaining our organization and our efforts.

Your generosity and caring  make it all possible!


While every animal at the shelter is available for adoption to the right home, a few are harder to place and some may never find homes. The AWS  Sponsor-A-Pet  Program is designed to help us give extra care to these "special-needs animals,” as well as to help support the rest of our animals until they find the right homes. A minimum gift of $250 or a recurring gift of $20 or more is required. A recurring gift is a great way to show year-round care and concern for these pets. Your monthly support will help provide ongoing care for as long as your chosen pet needs it. When you become a monthly contributor, your name will appear on that pet’s page for as long as he or she is available for adoption. You will also receive a letter of appreciation and a quarterly update of all the special needs pets. If your chosen pet is adopted, you will have an opportunity to choose another pet.  Learn more


Our  Seniors for Seniors  program enables senior citizens with limited resources the joy of pet companionship. Research shows that caring for an animal such as a dog or cat can boost a senior individual’s self-confidence and improve their health and overall quality of life. AWS will waive 100% of the fee so that a senior citizen (age 60 and older) can adopt a senior cat or dog (age 8 years or older).  Learn more


Some of the animals we rescue have been hurt or injured; strays and abandoned animals are often hit by vehicles on the road or experience another type of trauma. Donations to this fund will be restricted to animal medical emergencies. When you become a monthly sponsor of the Medical Emergency Fund you will receive a quarterly update of all the medical emergency pets. Learn more

To make your online contribution today, click the donate button or contact the shelter directly.

We offer two categories of gifts to help you achieve your charitable goals.

General operating or unrestricted gifts. Unrestricted gifts allow AWS the flexibility to use your gift wherever the need is greatest and is the most valuable way to support AWS at thi​s time.

Restricted gifts. You can designate that your gift to AWS go toward one of three restricted funds: AWS Sponsor a Pet Program, Medical Emergency Fund, Seniors for Seniors Fund.