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Donating to The Animal Welfare Society


As a non-profit organization that does not receive any town or government funding, we rely primarily on donations from caring individuals. We need your help in order to continue to provide our abandoned, stray, and abused animals with the love and care they need and deserve.





Did you know that you can become a Member of AWS for just a $25 donation (Individual Membership), or $40 (Family Membership)? By becoming an AWS Member your tax deductible contribution will help provide food, shelter and health care for cats, dogs, puppies and kittens while they await adoption.









Contact A.W.S at 860-354-1350 for more information,

or make your Membership Contribution directly online.





AWS has many healthy happy adoptable cats and dogs as well as some with special- needs. Often our special needs pets are older or have health or behavioral issues due to prior neglect. Every cat and dog at the shelter is available for adoption to the right home; however, some may need extra veterinary care or behavioral training before they are ready for adoption.


The Animal Welfare Society's Sponsorship Program is designed to help us give special care to these "special-needs" animals and to help support the rest of our animals until they find the right homes. The Animal Welfare Society's Sponsorship Program is designed to help provide basic and special care needed for all our animals until they find the right home. You select a pet that you want to help provide care for with your donation, and we will feature your name by that pet on the adoption page.





The vets we partner with have graciously discounted their services for us. However, we still average $8,000 per month to care for our animals. Some longer term residents require medication which can be costly.






The Animal Welfare Society will waive 100% of the usual donation fee to qualified Senior Citizens (aged 60 and over) to adopt one of our senior cats (8 years or older). It is generally acknowledged that a senior person who lives alone will benefit medically and emotionally if they have a pet living with them to keep them company.


Please contact us if you are a senior interested in taking advantage of this program. This program is made possible by the very generous donations of individuals and families who sponsor each cat's adoption fees. Donations to this special program can be in any amount. All donations will be used solely for the purpose of helping an older person adopt a "purr-fect companion."




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