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Congratulations Renee Gardner!


JULY 1, 2021. In our time, the average stay at one job in the United States is anywhere from four to eight years. Gratefully, there are exceptions to that national statistic and we are taking an opportunity to celebrate that. Renee's entire career has been a tribute to the welfare of animals and particularly to the Animal Welfare Society in New Milford. When she first started here she was pretty much on her own – “the phone did not ring, there were seven kittens and one dog in the building.” Through the years that would change. The shelter would grow. There would be staff added. Literally thousands of cats and dogs (and parrots and bunnies!) would become a part of the AWS legacy of caring and adoption. Renee would be an integral part of each animals welfare.


As the shelter grew, so did Renee's responsibilities to include managing staff and volunteers, becoming a voice within the community for animal rights and issues, as well as a very public spokesperson for the shelter itself. Through it all, Renee has remained very "hands-on" and takes the care of each animal personally. It is not unusual to find her bathing a dog or cat that has been found abandoned at the shelter front door, or driving out to gather up some feral cats that are in need of care, shelter and socialization.


As we celebrate this milestone in Renee's career, she agreed to take a few moments to reflect on her last 30 years with AWS. We invite you to read the transcript of the interview between Renee Gardner, Shelter Manager, and Diane Saraceni, AWS President.


Renee also agreed to share her "scrapbook" of newspaper articles which she has maintained throughout the years. We will be posting additions to it on a regular basis – the scrapbook is enormous so the task may take some time!



We invite all to sign a virtual (online) card celebrating Renee's Work Anniversary. (Deadline for signing is June 10, 2021)



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