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Veterinarians that AWS partner with graciously discount many of their services for us. We are entirely grateful for this. However, we still average over $9,000 per month on the medical care for our animals. Some longer term residents require medication which can be costly. And, too often we are placed in situations where our rescue efforts are compounded by the health issues of the animal we are striving to save for adoption. Because of these situations AWS is placed between the proverbial "rock and hard place" – where the medical care and needs of a our animals actually goes well beyond the limits of our established budget. In order to address these needs we have established the AWS Emergency Medical Fund.



It is not uncommon that cats and dogs in our care may need extensive (and expensive) medical treatment due to sickness or injury. We hope to help pay for these treatments through the resources of our Emergency Medical Fund. This fund is established to help cats and dogs with urgent health issues - making it possible for us to afford the needed care to help save an animal's life and relieve its pain and suffering.

We know we can count on our supporters and their financial help in filling our Emergency Fund with dollars of love, care and understanding. Whether you can give a little or a lot, it all does make an important difference. AWS and the animals in our care are truly grateful for your donations. Any amount is appreciated. Thank you for your support!



Donate to AWS Emergency Medical Fund

Simply use the secure form (click link or button above) to make a donation using your credit card or checking account. You may enter any amount that you wish. There is also an opportunity during the donation process to send us a message. All major credit cards are accepted.


Donations to the AWS Emergency Medical Fund are tax-deductible.




Your Donations Make A Difference!


HALO is a Lab mix who came to us with two puppies from a high kill shelter. Unfortunately, she was not in the best of health having tested positive for heartworm. She also had a nasty wound on one of her legs which had infected the bone and amputation seemed to be the best solution. And, of course, she still has to be spayed.


Halo's medical bills were going to make a fair sized inroad into the Shelter's Budgeted Medical Fund. Fortunately, due to the caring donations of individuals to the Emergency Medical Fund, we were able to manage all her medical expenses. She had her leg removed in October and hasn't looked back since.



Almost immediately she was back up on her feet, managing so much better without that leg, her balance improved and now she has regained strength she loves to be outside playing or going for walks.

After patiently waiting for eight months and many inquiries about her, Halo finally found the right match and is now in her own home.


We watched her go from a forlorn, unhealthy dog to the beautiful and vital girl she is today, Halo will be sorely missed at the Shelter but we couldn't be happier for her and wish her nothing but good things in her new life.


Once again very many thanks to all of you who made this possible for Halo.

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