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If you are interested in adopting an animal from the Shelter, please contact us in one of the following ways:

Email or complete

   AWS Adoption Form



Visit the shelter during adoption hours


   Tuesdays: 11am - 7 pm;


   11am - 2 pm


It is advisable to call ahead to make an appointment.







Come see us. Our staff is well-trained, compassionate and has been with us for a very long time. Our highly experienced and dedicated manager has been with AWS since the opening of the shelter in 1991. Our dogs have toys, beds, access to the outside, spend time in the play-yards each day and take daily walks with our dedicated volunteers. Many of our cats are in sunny rooms where they can watch the birds outside or in spacious group cages where they can cuddle or can be alone if desired. We engage volunteer animal "socializers" who come to play, hold, brush, talk to, and help make our animals feel wanted. This is the kind of care you would give to your pet and we try to do the same while our residents wait for a new home.


We support our animals for life. If you adopt from us, we will provide you with tips on getting adjusted when you bring your pet home. We are here to answer any of your questions or concerns and you can call us for guidance at any time in the future.


Please read more about our AWS Adoption Process and what is involved (below). If applicable, visit our Seniors for Seniors Program page for information on adopting Senior Animals. We look forward to meeting you!




By phoning our shelter first you can make an appointment to visit and get to know the animals at our facility. One of our experienced adoption specialists can discuss what type of pet you are looking for and introduce you to some of the animals which may be right for you! All of our staff members are highly trained and ready to lend you their expertise to ensure a successful adoption!



When you arrive at the shelter, you will need to complete and sign an Adoption Application. All adoptions are subject to review and approval. You can get a copy of the AWS Adoption Form ahead of time, or simply stop in and get one at the Shelter's Office Service Desk during regular business hours.



Puppies/kittens are adopted with a spay/neuter contract and the cost of altering is included in the adoption fee.



A donation of the following amount is requested at the time of adoption.

Dogs: $350.00

Puppies: (under a year) $450.00

Senior Dogs: (8 years and older) $150

Cats: $150

Kittens: (under a year) $200

Senior Cats: (8 years and older) $50



Before calling or emailing the shelter, you may want to see some of the animals available for adoption from the Animal Welfare Society. A listing of our pets is also available on the AWS website: Adoptable Dogs, Adoptable Cats. There is also a list on our PetFinder homepage.


Look for our "Pet of the Week" at KICKS 105.5 and ads in the local newspapers, including the New Milford Spectrum. We normally update the Pet Of The Week on our AWS Home Page for easy reference. And, of course, you can visit the Shelter during regular business hours. As the schedule may be hectic at times, please call ahead to make an appointment.


A Practical Check List Of Things To Consider


If you are thinking of welcoming a new pet into your home, it's important to realize the tremendous responsibility you are taking on - in some cases, a 15-year commitment. To ensure all our residents find permanent, responsible homes we recommend carefully considering the following questions before adopting.



Why do you want a pet?

Ideally, you adopt because you want a long-term household companion or a cherished, new family member. If you are adopting as a gift, think again. Pets do not make good gifts.


Have you had animals before? What happened to them?

If you haven't owned a pet before, make sure you are aware of the considerable expense and responsibility involved in caring for pets, including time, food, and veterinarian costs. If you have had animals stolen, hit by cars, lost, or given away, think carefully before adopting again.


Is someone home during the day?

Animals accustomed to lots of companionship may become frantic or even destructive when left alone for long periods of time. Puppies need to be fed three to four times a day and need careful attention during housebreaking. Even adult dogs should be walked several times a day.


Is your lifestyle right for a pet?

If you travel, what will happen? Arrangements must be made for your pet if you travel - even if you away for only a day or two. What will happen to your pet if you move?


Where will the animal live?

If you intend to keep them in a dog house, garage, or basement, is that really the best environment for your new friend? Free roaming animals can pick up diseases from other animals and face dangers posed by wildlife, traffic, and cruel people.


Do you rent or own your home?

If you rent, does your lease permit animals? Thousands of animals are given up after owners discover their tenants own a dog. Research your options before you adopt.


Who else lives in your home?

Make sure that all family members want a pet. Determine the ages of any children and the appropriateness of the pet you are considering. Everyone should be included in the decision process and individual responsibilities decided upon before adopting.



The AWS Shelter Manager and Staff are available to help you in deciding what type of animal will best meet your lifestyle and current living environment. We welcome and encourage any questions you may have regarding any of our current resident pets. We can share what we know about a particular animal's  temperament and how that may fit into your adoption decision.

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