The magic of AWS is how so many people become a part of an even bigger ongoing story. The fact is, your contributions - both great and small - and your support in time, energy and volunteer work are what make the magic of AWS possible. We thank you – for your understanding, your prayers and thoughts.

For the past 50 years, AWS has been a place of so many stories similar to Halo's. Some are dramatic. Others are more commonplace. The flipside of it all is that our work (and these very real stories) are made possible by the generosity of our supporters, benefactors, volunteers and staff. Turning a sad situation into a small miracle is something that we can often overlook or even take for granted. For that reason we share Halo's Story - she reminds us of what is possible and just how important it is to become a part of such stories.


September 2015. Halo is a Lab mix who came to us with two puppies. She was from a high kill shelter. She was not in the best of health having tested positive for heartworm. She also has a nasty wound on one of her legs which has infected the bone and amputation would seem to be the best solution. And, of course, she still had to be spayed.

Despite all that, Halo is a sweet natured and gentle girl. She is doing well here. It is always amazing to see what a safe warm bed, three square meals a day and the kindness of strangers will do for a dog with no hope.

Halo's medical bills were going to make a fair-sized inroad into the AWS Medical Fund. If you would like to help with her medical expenses please follow the PayPal EMERGENCY MEDICAL FUND link – you simply click the "Donate" Button. Let's give this wonderful girl all the help she needs to regain her health and the chance of a fulfilling and happy life.

October 2015. Halo has now had her surgery, her leg was removed and fortunately she was able to be spayed as well, saving her another operation. She is healing well and moving around much easier than before. Her heartworm treatment hopefully will be over by November or December, so there is every hope that she will be in her own home for the holidays.
Thank you so much to all donors past, present and future for making this possible for Halo.

December 2015 Halo was on KICKS 105.5 Radio Pet of the Week.

January 2016 “Do you recognize this girl?” Yes, it is Halo - it's hard to believe that this is the same dog who arrived here in September. She had her leg removed in October and hasn't looked back since. Almost immediately she was back up on her feet, managing so much better without that leg, her balance improved and now she has regained strength she loves to be outside playing or going for walks. Fortunately, she was able to be spayed at the same time thus sparing her another surgery, her first heartworm treatment has been done and she goes for the next one in a couple of weeks and then she will be ready to go home.

Halo has come through all this with flying colours and has even managed to gain some much needed pounds, she looks great and is feeling pretty spry too. She has been at the Shelter for a long time and would love to be in a loving home soon. In the meantime she wants to thank all of you who helped to make this possible for her by donating towards her medical costs, you have changed her life. Thank you.

April 2016 Halo has left the building! After patiently waiting for eight months and many inquiries about her, Halo has finally found the right match and is now in her own home.
We watched her go from a forlorn, unhealthy dog to the beautiful and vital girl she is today, Halo will be sorely missed at the Shelter but we couldn't be happier for her and wish her nothing but good things in her new life.

Once again – very many thanks to everyone that helped make this possible for Halo.



The story of Halo is somewhat exceptional, but not totally unique. That Halo's particular story can bring a smile to many is - however - only a part of it. In time, Halo will find her forever home, the home where she belongs. We will smile and remember her story with gratitude and a sense of something even a little more huge than we first imagined. The story of Halo is a testament to the caring and support of all who are a part of the AWS Shelter – individuals, families and businesses that give their support in donations and in their time, enthusiasm and concern.